Top Three Benefits of Teeth in an Hour Procedures

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Each and every year Americans spend nearly one and a half billion dollars on the cost of teeth whitening procedures and products. People are willing to spend that sort of money so that they receive the best dentist care possible. That is why folk should be sure to ask their dentist about all their options when considering having a procedure done; at times, the cheaper procedure isn’t necessarily the best procedure. Teeth in an hour reviews indicate that is is one such procedure. When someone who has undergone teeth in an hour reviews the experience, there are three main points that seem to set this procedure apart from the rest. Here are three reasons to seriously consider this when next you ne

The Wonders of Modern Dentistry Titanium Implants

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In the pioneer days, you might expect most of the elderly citizens to be missing some or all of their teeth. But today, replacing one tooth, several teeth, or even an entire upper or lower dental set is not only possible, but safe, reliable, and downright commonplace.

Implant dentists specialize in reconstructing people’s smiles. They do this by surgically implanting a replacement root for a tooth whose natural root has decayed (or has been damaged) past the point of saving. That one implant can function as the root for more than one tooth, and an entire upper or lower set can be placed on as few as four strategically-placed implants.

The metal implant dentists use is titanium. Titanium is act

Understanding Your Dental Plan

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Everyone wants whiter, straighter teeth. Nearly 100% of respondents in a survey stated that a good smile is an “important social asset”. But unfortunately, money matters.

Cosmetic dentistry patients spend, on average, between $5,000 and $6,000 on procedures to improve their smiles. While those numbers may seem high all by themselves, it’s also important to note that those are the averages. A basic in-office whitening may only cost a hundred dollars or so, while full-mouth cosmetic dental procedures can easily crack five figures.

The main question most would-be patients ask first is: Do dental plans cover any of that cost? And, unfortunately, there’s no simple answer.

While nearly al

Here Are Three Reasons Why You Should A Cosmetic Dentist About Your Smile

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Having a great smile is important to an overwhelming majority of us. That is why 97% of Americans believe that having a great smile is an attractive asset. Many want to improve their smile for this reason, but they don’t know whether to see a dentist or get cosmetic dental surgery. Cosmetic dentistry is the practice of improving the appearance of one’s teeth. While the cost of cosmetic dentistry services can be high, you should let the cost of teeth whitening and dental implant costs dissuade you. Here ar

How to Market Your Dental Practice

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Dentists are experts in dental medicine. That’s a given. Every year, eager young dental students graduate from medical school and embark on the journey of starting their own practices. This can be a daunting and difficult task however, as dentists may not be experts in business development and dentist marketing strategies. Here are some things to consider if you are thinking about starting your own dental practice. Dental practice growth can rely heavily on dental websites. Today, most people do their shopping or browsing online. This holds true for seeking out medical services as well. It is imperative for a dentist marketing strategy to include strategic website development and design. A good d

Seeking Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry Easy as Ever

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Affordable cosmetic dentistry has always been a little tougher to find when seeking family dental care. But with the number of dentists that accept medicaid on the rise, it’s more of a reality for more patients with lower income. 100 years ago, nearly half the adult North American population was toothless. Today, thanks to advances in dental technology, fewer than 10% of adults over age 65 have lost teeth. Home dental maintenance between professional dental cleaning is far superior to home care even 10 years ago. But if you happen to fall in this demographic with missing teeth, there has been advances for you as well. Dental implants used for missing teeth root replacement are considered on the higher end when it comes to

These Are 3 Reasons Why You Should Go See Your Dentist Regularly

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It is no secret that regularly visiting your dentist is healthy for your teeth. Your dentist can do a lot for you in terms of making your mouth healthier and making your smile look better. There are many dental cosmetic benefits to seeing your dentist on a regular basis. The need for dental cosmetic improvement went back to the first nylon toothbrush, which was invented in 1938. Here are three cosmetic dental advantages that your dentist can provide to you. 1. Your dental offices can help to straighten your smile. This can be done with the use of braces and other orthodontic implements. The goal of these treatments is to have a perfect bite. If you have a good bite, your teeth will mesh well with the other set of your teeth, and your jaws will line up.

Understanding Temporomandibular (TMJ) Joint Disorder

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TMJ disorder (“temporomandibular joint disorder,” sometimes colloquially referred to as “TMJ”) affects anywhere between five and 12 percent of the United States population, and an estimated 20 to 30 percent of the population worldwide. But it can be a tricky condition to understand, diagnose, and treat. Here are a few common common questions about TMJ, TMJ symptoms, and TMJ treatments.

“What is TMJ disorder?” TMJ disorder is an inflammation of one or both of the joints connecting the jawbone to the skull. The inflammation can be caused by stress, bruxism (teeth grinding), infection, or any other pathology commonly associated with irritation and inflammation.

“How do I know if I ha

Three Ways to Improve the Appearance of Your Teeth

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Did you know that enamel is the hardest surface in the body? However, even by brushing your teeth with a nylon-bristled toothbrush, which was invented in 1938, tooth decay and tooth loss often occur. Fortunately, several cosmetic dental treatments can improve the appearance of your teeth, and they will all help you get the smile you have always wanted. 1. Dental implants. This type of cosmetic dental surgery is used to permanently replace missing teeth. Dental implants are small, titanium devices that are surgically implanted into the jaw sockets of missing teeth, and once the jaw sockets heal, the implants are able to permanently support prosthetic teeth. Since dental implant surgery has a 98% success rate, this is one of the most effective ways to treat tooth loss. 2. Veneers. This cosmetic dental tr

The Top Four Facts You Should Know about Dental Implants

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A beautiful, healthy set of teeth is something everyone aspires to have. However, a variety of factors over the course of one’s life can cause teeth to look less than their best.
If you are one of the approximately 6% of Canadians who are missing all of their natural teeth, or if you simply have one missing tooth, you should consider visiting a dental implant specialist. By surgically implanting an artificial tooth with a titanium base into your jaw, dental implant specialists are able to recreate beautiful, natural-looking teeth.
Here are the top four facts you should know before undergoing a dental implant procedure:
1. Dental implant procedures are successful: Many studies have shown that dental implant surgeries performed by a dental implant specialist have a 98% success rate. The