Four Benefits Of Becoming A Dental Assistant

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    Visiting the dentist is an important part of life. You may hate getting poked or prodded during a visit at the dentist’s office, but it’s important because you don’t want to develop any oral complications.
    Behind all the cleanings and dental work are folks who are providing you with the best care possible, dentists and dental assistants.
    It’s no secret that becoming a dentist requires a lot of schooling and a lot of hard work. For those seeking employment at a dental practice, starting out as a dental assistant has many benefits including:

    • Good pay: The overall employment rate in the dental industry is projected to grow 19% between 2016 and 2026, which is much faster than the growth rate of some other occupations. For those seeking employment at a dental practice, that means dental assistant jobs and dentists jobs are in demand. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the median annual salary for dentists in 2017 was more than $158,000. For dent