What are Mini Dental Implants and can they Improve Your Smile?

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    What is a mini dental implant?
    Mini dental implants, or MDIs, are implants with smaller diameters that can be placed in a flapless and minimally invasive procedure using only local anesthetic. Unlike other types of implants, which install titanium roots first and require long recovery times, dental mini implants can usually be installed in one quick treatment and are used immediately to anchor dental prosthetics.
    MDIs act in place of the natural tooth root and are made of titanium and calcium phosphate to encourage quick healing. The head consists of a ball that locks into dentures or other prosthetic devices.
    Who can MDIs help?
    MDIs are great for people who wear dentures or who don’t want to have a highly invasive dental procedure. They’re also a viable tre

    Top Three Reasons to Consider Dental Implants

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    Eating and speaking unaided are some of the most valued functions of the human body next to walking. With that said, many people do not take care of their physical capacity for these things; for many people, the mouth is one place they do not seek medical attention for. Here are three reasons you might consider seeking out full dental implants: 1. They Can Help to Straighten Teeth For people under the age of 35, most tooth loss is a result of athletic trauma, fights, or accidents. People do not want to let that stop them from having a straight, nice smile though; they want the best dentist they can find to fix the problem. Oftentimes a form of implant can help to realign the damaged tooth and repair that damaged sm