4 Things Your Dentist Knows Without you Telling Them

Your dentist is a person that see twice a year if you follow the regular schedule that you should as far as seeing a dentist goes. Some patients fear those individuals who search for dental jobs, dental hygiene jobs, a dental lab technician, dental assistant jobs, or even anything related to dentist jobs, but there is no real reason to fear them in all reality. The job of a dentist is considered to be one of the most 10 ethical jobs in the U.S. so your fear is probably self induced. That being said, however, doesn’t mean you should take advantage of them and lie to them, even if you think they don’t know. Read below to see some of the most common lies those who work in dentists jobs hear every day.


Your dentist can tell whether you floss every day, no matter what you tell them. While brushing twice a day is relatively easy, flossing for some is not quite as easy, and your dentist can tell. Many people lie because they are well aware of the benefits of flossing regularly. The bad news is despite this knowledge, many people still don’t force themselves to floss as they should. The embarrassment of not flossing usually leads patients to divulge false information to those they encounter performing dentist jobs. Unfortunately without regular flossing, the bleeding of teeth and gums will be a dead giveaway for majority of patients, making this lie mute. Even those who decide the day before their appointment is the time to start flossing regularly will discover that the professionals working dentists jobs will see right through their little white lie.

Non Smoker

While this may sound appealing, don’t think that falsely divulging this information to those working dentist jobs will do you any good. While the many dangers of tobacco use are known to many, there are many who still feel the need to cover it up. Despite this, if you regularly smoke cigarettes, there is no need to lie to your dentist or those in dentist jobs, because they will inevitably know different. Cigarette smoke causes a much higher rate of teeth staining and quite honestly if your dentist is that close, they are going to smell the smoke anyways. Being honest about your bad habit can help those who work dentists jobs to be able to properly diagnose and address problems that can be cause by cigarette smoking. Be honest, don’t hide it.

Nail Biting

There are more bad habits besides cigarettes that those who work dental jobs can see. Nail biting is another one of those bad habits. Nail biting may not seem as detrimental of a habit as cigarette smoking, but it can wreak havoc on your teeth. Looking at your hands and teeth a dentist can determine whether you’re a habitual nail biter or not. Chips and cracks in your teeth alongside wear and tear on them are sure signs of a nail biter. After a period of time your teeth can become uneven and jaw pain with discomfort can develop. The contact between the top and bottom teeth that occur during the process of nail biting is what causes the damage. Don’t try to hide this from you dentist, be upfront and honest, because they most likely already know.

Sinus Problems

Those working dental jobs see a variety of patients who say they need a root canal for the pain they are experiencing. Many times it is not the actual tooth that is causing the problem it is actually sinuses that is causing the problem. The roots of some teeth are positioned in the same spot as sinus floors. This means that patients thinking the root of their tooth is causing trouble may actually be experiencing trouble from their sinuses.

Not everything a dentist knows is bad. With average salaries of over $150,000 a year people can expect some good news from their dentist, and a clean bill of health is good news. Schedule and keep all appointments you make with your dentist. Be upfront and honest, because your dentist probably knows more of the truth than you think!

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