A Brilliant Smile Is Just One Call Away Talking To A Cosmetic Dentist About Veneers And Teeth Whitening

Someone who has discolored or faded teeth might wonder how to address that medical issue. People certainly can restore their original, natural teeth. They won’t have to replace them because of something like that. Lots of people are getting veneers these days. My veneers and other veneers will actually help to change many things about your teeth. They won’t just affect the color of the teeth. If there were any abnormalities related to the shape of the teeth, the natural looking porcelain veneers can make them smooth and straight as well as bright white. The porcelain veneers cost can vary, although it might be more or less affordable than you’re first assuming.

Getting all white veneers is common. Of course, you could also worry about the possibility of getting teeth that look unnaturally white and obviously fake. Many veneers today were designed to have a much more natural look to them. Dental facets in modern times were made with these principles in mind. People want to have smiles that look healthy but not artificial, especially if they’re still young. They can have all of these features and more, especially if they choose the right dental products at the right time.

The field of dentistry is just as unique as you are.

When you need to make sure your teeth are healthy, a simple check-up and teeth cleaning session will do. When you’ve lost teeth, a cosmetic dentist can find you a beautiful replacement. One way or another, you’ve got plenty of resources to keep you smiling year-round. If it’s been a little while since you’ve visited the dental clinic, consider making an appointment this week. You could be surprised at what you find.

Porcelain veneers, dental implants, and new crowns are all available with just one phone call to your dentist Washington DC resources.

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

You might be noticing some frustrating issues every time you look in the mirror. Brown stains on your teeth or a creeping yellow you can’t quite scrub away. Cosmetic dentistry is designed, from the ground up, to provide you with the most beautiful smile. This includes (but is not limited to) porcelain veneers, replacement teeth, and teeth whitening procedures. An attractive smile is considered a major boon in today’s society, with over 90% of adults agreeing that it can be a significant social asset.

Should I Seek Out General Dentistry?

You don’t have to choose between your options. Your dentist Washington DC resources will happily address your oral health issues in one convenient location. General dentistry focuses more on the health side of things, though can also include cosmetic options. Missing teeth is a problem that tends to get more common as you age, with three million people in the United States having dental implants in place. According to a recent study, over 85% of people say they remember a person with an exceptionally attractive smile.

Do Dental Implants Last A Long Time?

It’s understandable to be concerned about replacement teeth. There is a common stereotype that they’re unsightly and don’t last a long time, two misconceptions that only become more obvious over time. Today’s dental implants are designed to mimic the sheen and texture of a tooth to such a degree you can’t tell the difference. Modern dental implants have been in use for over 30 years and only get better with time. They will restore your smile and provide you with consistent oral health year-round.

What Are Veneers Used For?

Alongside dental implants you can consider the benefits of porcelain veneers. These give your teeth that extra mirror sheen for a truly radiant smile. They offer the added bonus of providing your teeth with extra protection, which is useful if you’ve had issues with eroded tooth enamel in the past. Today up to 75% of American adults state an unattractive smile can negatively influence a person’s career or social life. What could you accomplish when reaching out to a prosthodontist?

Are Teeth Whitening Procedures Effective?

It’s time to put away cheap, over-the-counter teeth whitening procedures. These often create temporary results, if they create any results at all, and leave you frustrated. A major reason they don’t provide the same glamorous appearance is a lower concentration of peroxide — at-home systems contain between 3% to 20%, while your dentist will use between 15% to 45%. To achieve the most dramatic results, an appointment between a half hour or hour is necessary. The results you get will outdo anything bought at the store.

Your smile is just waiting to shine. Reach out to your dentist Washington DC resources and ask for an appointment…you won’t regret it.

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