Adult Braces What You Need To Know About Them

About 4 million Americans wear braces according to the American Association of Orthodontists. No one would have thought that braces would become so popular considering that just the thought of them makes most people go down memory lane as a kid. For most people, they remind them of that agonizing age characterized by awkward haircuts, uninviting glasses, and of course, mouthful braces that made the weird adolescent look complete. Braces for adults are also becoming commonplace now that more and more people are more than interested in correcting their smiles. Read on to know more about adult braces.

Braces for Adults

Maybe you did not wear braces when you were young, and you can’t help but feel embarrassed due to your crooked teeth. Or perhaps that last time you wore braces was many years back, and your teeth consequently shifted. No matter your history, wearing braces for adults is an excellent means of helping you enjoy the beautiful and attractive smile that you have always craved for. Luckily, there are various options to choose from.

What Are The Options?

With the great orthodontic advances in the 21st century, there is the freedom of choice for any adult that needs braces. As you probably know, the basic option comes in the form of traditional metal braces. These are usually the way to go for adults who have substantial bite problems, extremely crooked teeth as well as anyone in need of major dental changes. If you are looking for the most affordable braces, traditional metal braces for adults is the best place to start.

For a professional who is constantly concerned about their personal looks, ceramic braces will come in handy. With clear braces, you will have what it takes to correct crooked teeth without having to compromise on your professional appearance. Alhough having clear braces for adults means having to shell out an extra dime, it is a small price to pay, considering all the aesthetic value they have to offer. Even so, you should exercise caution at all times when it comes to smoking as well as drinking soda, red wine, amongst other dark beverages. This is because clear braces are prone to staining the adhesive binding the brackets to the teeth after exposure to such substances.

Invisalign, a form of clear aligning dental treatment, is yet another common option for people needing braces. Invisalign mode of action is somewhat different from traditional metal braces in that it applies a series of retainer-like, clear aligners. Invisalign braces for adults are generally pricier when compared to their ceramic or metal counterparts because they are custom made for your teeth. In most cases, it takes three to 18 months before the completion of the Invisalign process. On the flip side, when compared to traditional braces, Invisalign isn’t as effective in correcting issues such as teeth that are higher/lower than others, bite problems as well as extremely overcrowded teeth.

Useful Invisalign Tips

Alhough we all have differing dental and teeth needs, some ways can help make the Invisalign experience more rewarding, and first on the list is teeth whitening. It is essential to keep teeth stain-free and pearl white from the drinks and foods consumed every day. As you have probably guessed, having teeth attachments makes it hard for them to whiten properly. Talking to your dentist about teeth whitening while having aligners will be a step in the right direction.

Flossing daily will also help. In any case, flossing is supposed to be a routine. However, one might think that Invisalign keeps teeth protected from bacteria, yet this is not true. Bacteria can find their way to the back of aligners and cause gums and teeth problems. The best thing to do is to floss daily as this is a sure-fire way of ensuring bacteria and dental health issues are kept at bay.

As you start this new year, you don’t have to feel embarrassed every time you smile. You can try the discussed options and restore your smile. Moreover, you can easily get that dream smile by discussing with the dentist the best option that fits you.

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