Are Braces as an Adult an Option?

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Are you one of the many adults that dread not getting braces as a child? Braces can be uncomfortable and stick out like a sore thumb. Both of these things are accepted, and often a common part of adolescence. However, you don?t see many adults with large wires on their teeth, giving you few options to correct your smile. Fortunately, braces have come a long way from the traditional black wires and they might be an option for adults, even those with professional jobs that don?t want others to see they are wearing braces.

Completely invisible braces are an option
Braces manufacturers understand that people don?t want to wear braces, especially as an adult, because they are very noticeable. Even some teenagers may be hesitant to welcome black wired braces. Because of this hesitation, there is now an option of completely invisible braces, otherwise known as Invisalign. These braces are clear and unless you tell someone you are wearing them, it will be very difficult to notice them. Additionally, invisible braces work just as fast as traditional braces do, if not even faster. The average treatment duration with Invisalign is just one year.

You will have an improved smile in no time
Nearly three quarters (74%) of adults feel an unattractive smile can hurt their career success. It can easily reduce self confidence levels which can translate to lower efficiency, less productivity, and impaired relationships. If you are tired of deterring your career success because you are not happy with the condition of your smile, it is time to make a change. Invisible braces are a great option for those adults already in a professional career.

Payment plans are an option
One of the most common reasons for forgoing braces as a child or adults is the cost. Braces were once considered an expensive luxury. If your family did not have extra money, you did not get braces. You simply dealt with whatever shape your teeth were in. Today, braces are more common and because of this, are more affordable than ever. Many dentists also offer payment plans on braces. This allows you to make small monthly payments until your braces are paid off. You no longer have to avoid a beautiful smile because of the cost.

You are not the only adult seeking braces
Some adults might even be hesitant to seek consultation about braces. Most orthodontics offices are full of young children. However, the number of adults seeking an orthodontist for a braces consultation is increasing. According to a 2014 survey from the American Association of Orthodontists, adults made up a record high of nearly 1.5 million orthodontics patients in North America. The dental industry is changing and you don?t have to feel embarrassed about making an appointment with a local orthodontist.

Deciding if braces is right for you
If you have decided that it is finally time to get that perfect smile, the next step is to schedule a braces consultation with your local orthodontist. They will run a series of imaging diagnostics to get a better look of your dental condition. From here, they will recommend the best type of braces and will give you a cost estimate, as well as an estimate of how long you will need the braces. Make sure you go to an orthodontist that you trust because you will see them for many months to come.

There are a large number of adults who are unsatisfied with the current look of their smile. Many of these adults feel like they have limited options. Braces, however, are actually a great option for even the most professional of adults. Braces can be completely invisible and require less time than ever. Payment plans also make braces more affordable for everyone.

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