Basic Things to Know About Gum Bleaching

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One of the things that people feel most self conscious about is their smiles. People invest thousands in dental implants, All on 4 procedures, teeth whitening, and orthodontia, but teeth aren’t the only part of what makes a person’s smile beautiful. In some cases, people can have dark or uneven gums, which has a huge effect on their overall smile.

People who have dark gums likely have them due to genetic factors, but the good thing about technology is that sometimes, that doesn’t matter. Even if dark gums are coded in our DNA, there are still ways around that. Gum bleaching is the most popular option for people who want lighter gums.

Though dark gums are typically due to genetic factors and are usually found in people of African or Middle Eastern descent, dark gums could be indicative of a disease or other dental issue.

Since dark gums are a result of hyperpigmentation, gum bleaching is a process that breaks down and then removes some of the pigment in the gums. The procedure uses a dental laser to break down the pigment, which is faster and more efficient than traditional gum bleaching procedures, so you can’t really perform gum bleaching at home.

The procedure only takes about an hour (but generally takes more than one session) and can be done under very light anesthesia, so patients don’t feel drowsy afterward.

Bleaching gums is not for everyone though. People who have cancer or fungal infections should not try getting their gums bleached. If you think that you need gum bleaching you should consult with a professional.

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