Cosmetic Dental Surgery Something for Everyone

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We’ve all heard the stories of Hollywood celebrities who have had this lifted or that tucked or this implanted or that flattened. An even more common rumor in the world of the high-powered and uber-visible is cosmetic dental surgery, correcting everything from overbites to crowding to entirely missing teeth. But just because the majority of cosmetic dental stories we hear are from superstars and politicians, don’t think that dental surgery isn’t available to us mere mortals.

Accidents happen, no matter what your caste in life. The high-salaried players and the blue-collar spectators at a baseball game can loose a tooth thanks to a wayward hit or an errant throw. Even in your average, run-of-the-mill barfight, bystanders can suffer injuries just like the instigators. You can never plan for an accident — that’s why they’re called accidents. If you lose a tooth due to some freak occurrence, cosmetic dental surgery is exactly what you need to restore the look and function of your mouth.

Some emergency tooth loss is a result of neglect. The sad truth is that not everyone gets the dental care they need, for whatever reasons, and this can lead to long-term, untreated decay and disease that finally culminates in the loss of a tooth during a seemingly harmless activity — biting into an apple, for example. However, if it takes something that dramatic to finally get someone into a dentist’s office (even an emergency dentist), then there’s a silver lining.

But before you do lose a tooth, find out what to do if you lose a tooth. Check your individual dental insurance for what procedures are covered under what circumstances. Know where to find emergency dental surgery services in your area, and keep their number and address alongside your standard emergency information.

You don’t have to be a celebrity or a TV news anchor to want to keep your teeth looking great. If misfortune rears its ugly head and punches you in the mouth, don’t panic. A competent, qualified cosmetic dentist can repair the damage, and get you smiling again in no time. More.

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