Defending Your Teeth Three Kinds of Dentistry Practices to Suit Everyone’s Needs


Our teeth have gone through significant evolutionary processes to allow us to have the diets we have today. As omnivores, the human diet is composed of meat and vegetable matter in equal parts allowing us to get the dietary benefits of both. Without healthy and strong teeth, one’s diet choices become startlingly limited. For this reason, a greater emphasis has been placed on proper dental hygiene and whiter, more beautiful smiles. Regular brushing and flossing is crucial to oral health, but so are regular trips to the dentist.

Cosmetic Dentistry

A five-star smile can get the attention of an entire room; this is the significance placed on a beautiful smile in today’s age. Three out of every four adults believe that a lack-luster smile can significantly damage their career success with up to 18% of adults concealing their teeth in photos and 32% openly admitting that they are concerned by the appearance of their teeth. Nearly all adults believe that a healthy smile makes them appear more appealing to the opposite sex and is a socially important asset; for this reason Americans readily spend hundreds of dollars every year on cosmetic dentistry to improve their smiles. Professional teeth whitening treatments can help improve the luster of any smile while veneers can help to improve the appearance of front teeth; both last for a number of years before additional dentistry is required.

Emergency Dentistry

Teeth are strongly affixed to an individual’s mouth, but there are cases where significant impacts can leave teeth chipped or knocked out. Chipped teeth can be an unnoticeable annoyance in the best of cases or a distracting feature of a once beautiful smile in the worst cases, thankfully dentists are able to repair chipped and damaged teeth using a filling or a dental-colored resin material. In emergency situations where a tooth is knocked out, dentists advise that individuals try placing the knocked out tooth back in place and seeing a dentist as soon as possible; if the tooth cannot be placed back in place, one ought to place it in milk and see a dentist as soon as possible as the calcium in the milk will help to preserve the tooth. Emergency dental implants are also available in situations where a tooth has been lost or irrecoverable.

General Dentistry

It is advised that one schedules a visit to see the dentist for a cleaning and check-up every six months or so; unfortunately the average American waits for around three years between appointments, giving plaque and gum disease the opportunity to inflict serious damage upon their teeth and gums. It is estimated that nearly three out of every four Americans suffer from some stage of gum disease; if caught early a dentist can help to reverse the early stages, but the more advanced stages of gum disease have been known to destroy patient’s jawbones. Proper dental hygiene ought to be stressed and made into a regular habit at an early age to combat cavities — at the present time it is estimated that 78% of the population will have a cavity before age 17. Right now nearly 20% of the population has at least one untreated cavity; studies have shown a strong correlation with personal income and cavities as the less income one has, the more cavities they are bound to have. Find a general dentist for a check-up or a consultation in order to put your oral health first and to start down the path for a brighter, healthier smile.

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