Four Facts You Didn’t Know About the All on Four Dental Implant Process

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More people are missing all of their natural teeth than you might assume. In fact, as many as 6% of people living in Canada today have lost all of their teeth.

And if you are one of this 6%, feeling confident about your smile can be tough. But luckily, innovations and improvements in dental technology have given rise to the all on four dental implants procedure, which is designed just for people with most or all of their teeth missing.

Could all on four implants be the right cosmetic dentistry option for you? Take a look at these four facts that may show you why they’re so beneficial:

All on four implants are cost- and time-efficient.

All on four dental implants are essentially prosthetic teeth that are anchored to your jaw with just four dental implants, rather than one implant for each of the teeth you’re missing. This makes the surgery and recovery period for your implants much shorter than it would be otherwise — and much less expensive.

Dental implant procedures are safe and successful.

Because technology has improved to make the success rate of dental implants reach more than 98%, you can be assured that your all on four procedure will go smoothly and without any complications.

All on four implants are permanent.

Unlike dentures, crowns and other removable teeth prosthetics, your all on four dental implants will literally last you for the rest of your life. They also require no extra care or maintenance beyond your regular routine of flossing, brushing and visiting your dentist twice yearly.

All on four implants will give you a reason to smile again.

Did you know that dental implants are the only cosmetic dental procedure to fully replicate the look, feel and function of natural teeth? With your all on four implants, you will be able to smile and speak without feeling self-conscious anymore — and you can’t put a price on that.

What are your thoughts on all on four dental implants? Share with us in the comments below!

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