General Dentists The Unsung Heroes of the Dental World

Flexible dentures

Pediatric dentists help your kids keep their teeth healthy. Cosmetic dentists can give you a set of permanent dentures on as few as four dental implants. And orthodontists can straighten a smile like nobody’s business. These are just a few of the specialists in the dental field, and they can do wonderful things with teeth.

But what about a plain old dentist? They may not get the headlines, but general dentists are the heart and soul of the dental industry. They’re the frontline of dental health, providing dental cleanings and exams, and they’re usually patient’s first stop before being referred to a specialist.

But more importantly, they can provide the means to avoid having to go to a specialist. The reason your dental cleanings are scheduled every six months is so your dentist can get a regular look at the state of your teeth and gums. A single checkup can let them know of any problems that might need addressing, but regular checkups give your dentist a wealth of information, beyond simply “how your teeth are” and well into “how your teeth are progressing.”

Dental exams and cleanings can help to catch all manner of concerns and issues before they become full-blown problems. Sensitive spots in your enamel can be addressed before they become actual decay or, heaven forbid, actual cavities. Gum disease in its early stages can be treated before drastic measures need to be taken.

Just how bad can it get, you ask? How about a mouthful of fillings? How about needing porcelain veneers to cover decay spots that can’t be whitened? How about a damaged root that leads to a full-tooth extraction, followed by a dental implant? How about needing an entirely new set of teeth thanks to neglect and damage?

The bottom line is, you’ve got every reason in the world to keep up with your regular dental cleanings and exams, and absolutely no valid reason not to. Dental specialists are a great option if you need specialized help… but general dentists can help you never need it. For more, read this link: Kirkland dentist

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