Healthy Dental Habits Start at Home

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Across the world, a jaw dropping 60…90% of school children currently have untreated dental cavities. Parents need to take the initiative to find a childrens dentist they take their children to visit on a regular basis every 6 months. This will not only keep their smile healthy during their youth, it will set the foundation for a healthy smile for years to come through their adulthood.

Learning the importance of dental health starts at home. Without regular scheduled dental maintenance, the likely hood you will have to take your child to an emergency pediatric dentist at some point skyrockets. This is because well maintained oral health leads to greater bacteria growth in your child’s mouth and weaker teeth that can more easily crack and chip, or even fall out.

If children aren’t taught from an early age that regular brushing and flossing is important, they will carry their habits suggesting otherwise through their life. This can be dangerous not only for their mouth, but their internal health. Research suggests a direct positive correlation between increased tooth decay and heart disease.

Scheduling an emergency dentist appointment with an emergency pediatric dentist is something no one likes to see. Though the number of Americans receiving dental replacement grows about 500,000 each year with a 98% success rate, this should never an option for your child. Not only do all dentists try to promote keeping your mouth healthy enough to maintain all your original teeth, but the price of dental implants is quite high… part of the reason it is a billion dollar industry.

Dental implants should never be an option when discussing your child’s oral health. Any pediatric dentist, as will any emergency pediatric dentist, tell you the only way to effectively prevent tooth decay, and subsequent mouth bacteria, is regular use of fluoride toothpaste. More on this topic.

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