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Home teeth whitening gives your teeth a bright lustrous smile. You can purchase at home kits at the store and whiten your teeth from home. Teeth whitening prices are not too expensive when done at home. There are several companies and brand that make a variety of teeth whitening products. Some of the best teeth whitening products are a little more expensive than the others but you are getting a better quality product by spending a little more. Sometimes at home teeth whitening kits can give your teeth some sensitivity so be aware of that.

Almost all Americans, 99.7%, believe that a smile is one of the most important social assets. The average cosmetic dentistry patient will spend between five thousand and six thousand on procedures in order to improve their smile. You can go to a cosmetic dental surgeon to have your teeth whitened as well but it will cost more that home teeth whitening. You can find a cosmetic dentist who will perform teeth whitening and pay the price, or save some money and do home teeth whitening. Over half of patients, 51%, that seek cosmetic dentistry are between the ages of 41 and 60.

When you perform home teeth whitening you are really only concerned with getting your front teeth whitened and not your molars since they are not really visible. Babies begin to develop their primary teeth while in the womb. This is as early as six weeks after conception. Over 100 years ago, before home teeth whitening even existed, half of all adults in North America were toothless. Now due to improved dental care and awareness, there are less than 10% of adults over the age of 65 who have lost teeth. To learn more, read this: www.santacruzimplantdentist.com

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