How Dental Implants Can Imprve Overall Health

Cosmetic dental care

Most people are self conscious about their teeth, more than any other feature. The truth is that dental problems are not aesthetically unappealing, but they can have an impact on your overall health and wellness. Many new advanced dentistry techniques can solve both problems. They greatly improve your appearance, and also also improve your health. For example, missing and broken teeth are not only unsightly, but they affect your ability to eat healthy fruits and vegetables.

Advanced dentistry techniques for teeth replacement
Almost one third or 32% of people surveyed are concerned about their teeth. In fact almost half or 48% are unhappy with their teeth, with nearly two out of three being dissatisfied with the color. Perhaps one reason why people feel so strongly about the appearance of their teeth is that they feel it is tied to social and career success.
As many as three fourths of the American population believes that an attractive smile is a career asset, and nearly all or 99.7% feel that an attractive smile is a social asset. Advanced dentistry techniques like dental implants, veneers and tooth whitening can all give you back an attractive smile. But they’re also more than cosmetic dentistry.

Dental problems can cause further health problems
For example, periodontal or gum disease is not only a social disaster but also leads to more serious health problems like digestive issues. It has even been linked to risk of heart disease and stroke. That’s because dental health is connected to overall health.
Missing or broken teeth are likewise not just an aesthetic problem. They can cause serious health problems by restricting the diet of people who wear dentures. Traditional dentures have been ill fitting and made eating uncomfortable and even painful. New advanced dentistry techniques like dental implants can improve the appearance and allow wearers to enjoy a healthy diet.

Dental implants have many benefits
Dental care has some new techniques at its disposal to solve old problems like missing, chipped or discolored teeth. Dentures can be ill fitting and uncomfortable, making mealtimes a chore. As a result, people with dentures gravitate towards softer foods, and miss out on healthy fruits and vegetables that are essential to a balanced diet.
This in turn leads to digestive problems, including severe gastrointestinal disorders. Dental implants make it possible to replace missing teeth with comfortable substitutes that fit perfectly. With dental implants, people can once again enjoy normal foods they has to miss out on when they were wearing dentures.

Dental implants have many advantages over dentures. They have a success rate of 98%. That is the reason for their popularity, with about 3 million people getting dental implants each year. The number is increasing by 500,000 or half a million each year. Advanced dentistry techniques like dental implants and teeth whitening can improve the appearance of the teeth and also have a positive impact on overall health.

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