How to Find a Dentist

Dentistry is obviously an important service, and through the centuries, dental care has varied and changed with the times. The ancient Greeks and Romans, for example, used crushed bone and oyster shells as tooth cleaning powders. Centuries later in 1780, the first mass-produced toothbrush was designed by an English prisoner, who made his creation out of cattle bone and boar bristles. Not long after, toothpastes and tooth powders came into general use, and eventually, the first nylon-bristle toothbrush was introduced in 1938. Now, in modern times, just over 60% of adults aged 18-4 make at least a yearly dental visit.

Our culture clearly values dental treatment, but how do you find a dentist who is right for you? It can be especially hard to find a dentist what with the high number of dental practices in a given area and the need to find affordable dental care. And your individual dental needs can further difficult to find a dentist: If you’re searching for someone who can perform a dental implant surgery, or some other form of dental surgery, you may be confused by the vast number of cosmetic dentists, dental surgeons, and other practitioners, and confused about who to call. This is very natural. But bear in mind that there are a number of things to consider when trying to find a dentist:

1.) Cost- whether considering dental implant costs, or other forms of affordable dental care, remember to find a practitioner who does not sacrifice cost for quality and accepts your brand of insurance.

2.) Location- look for a dentist in your area who is part of your community. Same day dental implants don’t mean a thing if you live 2 hours away and have to coordinate post-surgical transportation.

3.) Quality of work- Find a dentist who has a reputation as a skilled and compassionate practitioner, who understands the importance of dental health and also knows how to maintain it.

Are you trying to find a dentist? Ask your friends and neighbors for dentists they recommend in the area, and check online reviews. Search online for local dentistry practices. The right dentist for you is out there! More.

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