Say Cheese With Pride When You Practice Good Dental Hygiene Habits!

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So you want to start taking better care of your teeth and you’re looking for a dentist. But where to start? You of course want a well-qualified dentist, close in proximity to where you live or work, and one that takes your health insurance. Luckily for you, the Internet is here to help. Many practices will include dentist reviews or you can find dentist reviews on third-party sites that rate different practices in your area. With any luck, by doing some research, browsing dentist reviews, and asking for referrals, you’ll be able to find a dentist with little problem. Say goodbye to being part of the over 32% of people who are concerned about the way their teeth look! With good brushing and flossing habits and regular trips to see your dentist, you’re going to have the pearliest of pearly whites. A dentist can also provide referrals to a cosmetic dentist, jaw surgeon, or other specialties if you need further work done.
Ugh, But the Dentist. Do I have to Go?
Yes, you have to go! Visiting your dentist is a crucial part of good dental hygiene. You want to have a full set of teeth when you’re older — and maintaining the teeth you have now means avoiding paying high dental costs in the future. Dentist appointments cost a minimal amount (as compared to other procedures like implants or fillings) and are usually pretty short and routine. Why not take advantage of that, especially if your health insurance chips in?
Visiting your dentist is especially important if you don’t brush and floss regularly. Less than 90% of people say that they floss regularly, which means they’re engaging in incomplete dental hygiene. Brushing only removes three-quarters of bacteria and plaque from your teeth, and flossing takes care of the other 25%. For full coverage, you’ve got to do both. Don’t be like most people and wait three years before scheduling your next appointment — your teeth deserve better care! Think of all the plaque build-up and potential for cavities to develop in those three years! Visiting the dentist will help get rid of any plaque build-up you’ve missed in your regular dental hygiene routine and will make sure that cavities are being taken care of in a timely fashion and that any other dental issues are caught early and nipped in the bud.
Is My Smile Really That Important?
Despite what we like to believe (and what we tell our kids), first impressions really are important. Over 95% of people who took a survey said that they thought a nice smile made a person more attractive to a member of the opposite sex. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry put out a survey that showed three-quarters of people were worried that not having an attractive smile would negatively impact their career trajectory and almost all participants said that they believed a good smile was important to their social life. Many participants also mentioned that a smile is the one physical feature that stays the most attractive the older we get.
Well, Not Brushing or Flossing Won’t Kill Me, Right?
Well, maybe not directly. Recent medical research has shown that periodontal disease is actually linked to many other, more concerning health problems. If you’ve got periodontal disease, you may also be more at risk for various cardiovascular diseases, contracting respiratory infections, and even for dementia. Your blood pressure could also be higher as could your cholesterol levels. So brushing and flossing and taking good care of your teeth is actually quite crucial to maintaining your overall health! If you’ve got an already weakened immune system for some reason, good dental hygiene is even more important, because our mouths are teeming with bacteria that are okay in our mouths, but can be dangerous in other parts of the body.
Keeping your teeth healthy is important for so many different reasons. And one crucial part of dental hygiene is visiting your dentist regularly. So start looking at those dentist reviews and make an appointment today! If you start cultivating good habits earlier, they’ll just start being a part of your life eventually and you’ll grow old with great teeth!

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