Showing These Symptoms? It’s Time to Get to Your Family Dentist

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For most people, knowing when to visit the family dentist is simply a matter of time. As Colgate points out, most people find that visiting their family dentists twice a year is good enough to keep their teeth clean and address any issues that might arise. However, what if you’re in between those cleanings and your mouth starts to feel strange? What if you’re experiencing pain or other symptoms of a much bigger problem? Should you wait, or should you try to get in with your general dentist as soon as possible?

Four Warning Signs That It’s Time to See Your Family Dentist

  1. Bleeding Gums
  2. As, a popular website for information on general and cosmetic dentistry procedures, writes, bleeding or sore gums may be a key indicator of more serious health problems. In fact, both can be a symptom of diabetes, heart disease, and other life-threatening conditions. Check with your family dentist today to start investigating the cause.

  3. You Randomly Loose Teeth
  4. Unless you’ve recently experienced some form of trauma, you’re an older adult, or you’re a child loosing your baby teeth, you really shouldn’t have loose or lost teeth, as WebMD astutely suggests. Prematurely losing teeth may be a symptom of osteoporosis, a bone-weakening disease that affects more than 10 million Americans.

  5. Your Breath Always Stinks
  6. Chronic bad breath, referred to as “halitosis,” may be a sign of multiple dental conditions. Xerostomia, or dry mouth, is known to cause persistent bad breath, as are gingivitis and certain stomach conditions. If brushing, flossing, and rinsing does nothing to rid you of the smell of decay when you speak and breathe, get to your dentist right away.

  7. Chronic Head and Jaw Pain
  8. Many people with hidden dental conditions find that no matter how well they sleep, how much water they drink, and how closely they watch their diets, they’re unable to get rid of chronic headaches and jaw pain. According to, these symptoms may simply be the result of stress, as stress is often thought to lead to grinding your teeth in your sleep. By visiting your family dentist, you can have a specialized mouth-guard made to wear while you rest, reducing pain and ensuring your chompers will be around for years to come.

If you’re experiencing these symptoms or anything else unusual, don’t try and holdout until your next appointment with your general family dentistry professional. This is your health we’re talking about, after all. Continue reading here.

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