The Pros and Cons of Flexible Dentures

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If you are missing several teeth, one of the types of dentures to consider is flexible dentures, also called soft dentures. Whether you’ve had cosmetic dentures before and are just looking for new dentures as a replacement or this would be your very first set, here are the basics you should know about these prostheses.

As their name implies, flexible dentures are soft in comparison to traditional cast dentures. They have an inner lining that many patients find to be much more comfortable than hard dentures and can adjust to your mouth as it moves. Here are some other pros and cons of soft dentures:


  • Better Fit: Flexible dentures hook into the gum ridge, which allows them to fit more securely without adhesive. This offers less friction and the ability to eat foods that require more chewing.
  • Less Risk of Breakage: Because of their flexible materials, these dentures are less likely to break if dropped in the sink or on the countertop.
  • More Natural Look: Conventional partial dentures are affixed with metal, which stands out in the mouth. Flexible dentures come in many shades of acrylic to provide the look of natural gums and even, white teeth.


  • Limited Applicability: Since flexible partial dentures attach to the gum ridge and remaining teeth, they cannot be used for people with no remaining teeth.
  • Higher Cost: High quality flexible dentures can cost more than traditional ones.
  • Hard to Repair: Flexible dentures are difficult to repair and cannot be relined. So if something happens to them, they may need to be completely replaced.

As an added bonus, the fitting for soft dentures is often quicker than the process of properly fitting conventional dentures, so you can have functional and beautiful teeth even sooner.

If you’re interested in finding out more about flexible dentures, find a dentist in your area who offers them. Not all patients are good candidates, so it’s important to consult with a professional before you get too far into the decision-making process.

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