The Top Three Reasons American Dental Care May Be Better Off Than You Would Think

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There’s a lot of sensationalism when it comes to American health. It’s a common habit to assume that Americans are the worst off in the world health wise, but we aren’t necessarily that bad off when you look at it. Here are three reasons our teeth care may be better than you’d think:

1. On Average, People Aren’t as Badly Off as You’d Think

One statistic that folks tout about to scare the laymen into changing their tooth care habits is that eight percent of the United States population has some form of gum disease and oftentimes are completely unaware of it. This is certainly a frightening statistic if you read it that way, but it need not be read that way. Another way of looking at it is that, quite often, any Americans suffering from gum disease have such a mild form of it that they do not even notice it and do not allow it to affect their day to day lives. On that note…

2. Not as Many People have Implants as You’d Think Either

Another statistic that is used to make folks think American tooth care is atrocious is that a staggering three million Americans currently have dental implants. Whether they are cheap dental implants, affordable dental implants, or expensive dental implants, that is still a massive amount of money being put toward replacing ruined teeth. Even the cheapest dental implants from a cosmetic dental center add up when you consider them over three million people. However, that number is only massive when considered by itself. In point of fact, there are about three hundred and fifteen million Americans who have not seen fit to get cosmetic dental implants from a cosmetic dental center.

3. The Science is Only Getting Better

Even though three million people have needed to get dental implants, it is good to think that those implants have had a ninety eight percent success rate. The best part about that hugely satisfying figure is that the science behind tooth care is only going to improve and fine tune itself. Even for those who do find their teeth have deteriorated, there will always be a solution for them. What do you think about dental care in America? More.

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