Three Reasons to Consider Laser Gum Treatment

Dark gums dentistry

While many people brush their teeth two or three times daily (or perhaps just once, to provide a more realistic view), people do not always show as much concern for the health of their gums. Perhaps this is because the most common cause of dark discoloration of the gums, otherwise known as hyperpigmentation, can be attributed to simple genetics. Sometimes it can be a side effect of gingival cancer, but most of the time it is something you are destined to experience from the day you are conceived. Just as with heart disease, to which people with gum disease are fifty percent more prone, there just isn’t much you can do to address the good or bad genetic code you are given at birth. There are things that can be done to address this dark coloration, however. Some people practice gum bleaching at home, while others seek out dentists, but of the many treatments that are available, one new treatment stands out. Here are three reasons to seek out a doctor that provides laser treatment for gum disease instead of going through gum bleaching at home:

1. It is More Precise

Gum bleaching is a technique that afflicts a lot of unnecessary parts of the mouth. Even at dentist offices, it is difficult to perform gum bleaching on only the areas that need it, which can lead to a poor job overall. Precision, however, is something that lasers are very adept at providing. When having gum pigmentation treated with a dental laser, only the parts of the gum that have dark pigmentation will be targeted, and gum bleaching at home just can’t rival that sort of quality. On top of that…

2. It is Relatively Painless

The dental lasers operate at predefined intensities designed to avoid causing any undue pain or discomfort. When using chemicals, there is always the risk of an open sore stinging, or something unexpected happening. The lasers are also less invasive than other treatments, since they don’t necessarily involve tools and substances being put inside of the mouth. Laser procedures are more regular and reliable so that even someone who is afraid of doctors can be sure they won’t be made uncomfortable! Finally…

3. Recovery is Very Quick

Because of how precise the dark gums treatment is when the holistic dentists uses a laser, the recover is quicker and less painful than it might be with other surgeries. Just the right amount of energy is used on the minimum amount of area so the smallest possible amount of tissue is caused discomfort. With less damage, there is less recovery to undergo, so everything ends more quickly. What do you think about laser surgery?

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