Top Three Benefits of Teeth in an Hour Procedures

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Each and every year Americans spend nearly one and a half billion dollars on the cost of teeth whitening procedures and products. People are willing to spend that sort of money so that they receive the best dentist care possible. That is why folk should be sure to ask their dentist about all their options when considering having a procedure done; at times, the cheaper procedure isn’t necessarily the best procedure. Teeth in an hour reviews indicate that is is one such procedure. When someone who has undergone teeth in an hour reviews the experience, there are three main points that seem to set this procedure apart from the rest. Here are three reasons to seriously consider this when next you need a dental implant:

1. Increased Accuracy 1 3

Essentially, teeth in an hour involves taking a detailed CT scan of the patient’s jaw structure to plan out the procedure before hand and to make specifically fitted implants. Tooth enamel is the hardest surface of the body, but it can still be damaged in procedures due to the difficulty involved in such fine operations. Dental implants normally have a success rate of up to ninety eight percent, but it is much higher with teeth in an hour. Dentists are much more sure of what fits where and are better equipped to navigate the mouth.

2. Time in Chair

Since the procedure is planned out in advance, dentists are able to move much more quickly through the procedure. Oftentimes this leads to the procedure taking no more than an hour, which is why it has earned its name. People often have to take a day off from work to visit the dentist, but this decreased service time may allow people to fit it into the workday more easily. Alternatively, it leaves a person with the rest of their impromptu day off to enjoy it rather than sitting in a dentist chair.

3 Recovery Time

Finally, perhaps the biggest benefit that teeth in an hour reviews have spoken about is the recovery time. Normally, the bone in the jaw must grow around dental implants over the course of six to twelve weeks. With teeth in an hour, the implants are designed to fit perfectly with the jaw already, leading to drastically lower recovery times — you can even function with the implants later that same day! What about teeth in an hour seems the most appealing to you? More can be found here.

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