Watch These Dental Myths Get Busted

Nothing beats watching videos that are meant to debunk common myths and misconceptions. In this video by Science Insider, two dentists debunk 14 of the most common myths regarding teeth. You’ll discover the science behind the real cause of cavities and white teeth.

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Hearing them debunk the misconception that battery-powered toothbrushes are better than non-electric ones will make you avoid buying an electric toothbrush. They will explain how it’s more about how you brush and not the tool you use.

Another idea they’ll debunk is about teeth grinding or bruxism. If you experience grinding or clenching your teeth unconsciously, whether during your sleep or when you’re awake, then you shouldn’t brush it off immediately.

In some individuals, frequent teeth grinding can cause headaches, jaw disorders, worn tooth enamels, sleep disruptions, increased tooth sensitivity or pain, damage from chewing, and other problems. You should ask your doctor if you experience these symptoms.

The dentists will also debunk the myth that chewing gum can act as a replacement for teeth brushing. You’ll learn the truth that while chewing on sugarless gum can help in your dental hygiene, it can’t really replace flossing and brushing. Gum chewing only affects the tooth’s surface and can’t actually clean in between teeth as brushing and flossing do.

Watch the full video to learn the truth about other myths regarding your teeth. After you finish watching, you’ll never brush your teeth the same way again.


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