The 4 Types of Dental Crowns

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    Many of us have anxiety over going to the dentist, but is it really as scary as we think? Our teeth are more important than many of us realize. Not only do they help us eat our favourite foods, but they play a huge part in our appearance. If you are in need of tooth repair, you are not alone. 15 million people in the United States have some type of crown or bridge installed to replace missing or damaged teeth. However, did you know that there are different types of dental crowns? Each different type has its own benefits that you should know about. Here are the 4 main types of dental crowns available to you!

    Types of Dental Crowns

    1. Ceramic Dental Crowns. This type of crown is the most commonly used type when it comes to repairing front teeth. Ceramic crowns usually blend well with pre-existing teeth, and can even be stained for a closer match! However, they are not ideal for back teeth and molars, as they can be more easily broken due to chewing an

    Facts on Dental Bridges

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    There is no industry or field of work that is more important to the everyday health of American citizens than that of the health industry. The medical industry takes care of you when you are sick, helps you to curb and prevent serious illnesses through immunizations, and takes care of your mouth and all of the teeth inside of it. There is no question that you should make sure you schedule regular appointments with doctors and dentists alike throughout the year.
    Many people view visiting the dentist as an uncomfortable and unenjoyable experience that they loathe and do not look forward to. This is absurd to think because, in the United States, dentistry is ranked as one of the top ten most trusted and ethical profession. This is one of the many reasons why you should visit your dentist when

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    How Can I Pick a Local Dentist to Suit My Needs?

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    Finding a dentist office in your area can be easy — finding one that you trust and enjoy going to is a different matter. While there is no general rule of thumb, looking at dentist reviews in your area is one clear way to determine the professionalism of an office. Consider what kind of dentistry you need in order to find a dentist that is right for you.
    Cosmetic Dentistry
    A beautiful smile is more than just about looks; your smile contributes to your confidence and the way that you feel around others. Americans spend nearly $1.4 billion on teeth whitening products and procedures every year; the average Continue Reading No Comments

    There’s No Need to Be Afraid of Going to the Dentist

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    Are you afraid of going to the dentist? You’re certainly not the only one. Pop culture has played dentistry up to be more a form of torture than a form of treatment.
    Granted, dentistry is not the most glamorous, or the most exciting experience, for the patient. There is cleaning, and brushing, and picking, and spitting. There are also hands in your mouth, needles, and even the dreaded drills.
    However, the dentist chair is not the torture chamber you imagine it to be. There have been advances in technology and procedure that are all designed to make the patient more comfortable. For example, arguably the worst thing about the drill is the noise, right? Well, manufacturers have taken that into account, and have developed quieter drills, that are not quite so intimidating.
    Also, you’re not going t

    Getting an Attractive Smile Has Never Been Easier

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    Did you know that more than 99% of Americans believe that a good smile is an essential social asset? This is why if your teeth are suffering aesthetically, it is important to seek the right treatment. Fortunately, there are several forms of cosmetic and general dentistry available, and each one will do its job to give you a more attractive smile. 1. Ultrasonic scaling treatment. This form of local dentistry goes above and beyond to clean your teeth. An ultrasonic scaler is a device that uses powerful vibrations to disrupt hardened plaque and tartar buildup, and it also washes and flushes out the pockets in your gums. As a result, ultrasonic scaling treatment is one of the best dentistry options available to

    A Few Things You Might Not Know About Dental Implants

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    Did you know that you can prevent cavities by maintaining a low fluoride level in your mouth at all times? However, cavities can strike at any time, and they sometimes lead to tooth decay and tooth loss. In fact, 35 million Americans are currently missing all of their natural teeth. Fortunately, when you suffer from tooth loss, dental implants are able to help. This procedure has quickly become the most practical alternative to dentures, which is why many affordable dentists now offer it. – What are dental implants? Dental implants consist of three main parts. The first part, a titanium rod, is surgically implanted directly into the jawbone. After the jawbone heals for 2-3 months, the second part is installed, which is a cover for the rod. Finally, the third part, a porcelain crown, is placed on top of the res