Factors to Understand Before Selling or Buying a Dental Practice

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    If you already own dental practice, you already know that the number of dental patients has been increasing. Government records show that more than 127 million adults visited a dentist in 2017. And the number could have probably increased in the last two years. This increase in the number of customers presents an opportunity for you to cash out by selling a dental practice. You can also expand your operations by buying a dental practice in another city.

    Whether you want to buy and sell a dental practice, you must adhere to specific guidelines to avoid making losses. A dental broker can guide you on how to sell your dental practice and may also play a vital role when you want to buy a dental practice in Chicago. However, before consulting dental practice brokers, there are some few things you need to understand.

    Value of a Dental Practice

    It is hard to buy and sell a dental practice without understanding its market value. Therefore, before any form of nego

    The Steps Toward Selling Your Dental Practice

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    Dentistry is a major component of the American health care system today, where dentists and their assistants specialize in treating patients’ teeth and gums. In fact, dentistry ranks in the top 10 most trusted and ethical professions in the United Stats today, and many millions of Americans take themselves or their kids to the dentist’s office. This makes for a robust and lucrative field, and many dentist today and their assistants make a good living doing this. By 2018, the United States was home to 61 working dentists for every 100,000 people, and in that same year, around 199,486 dentists were working in that industry. Women have become a major part of this field too, and by now, around one in three dentists are women. Their average retirement was 68.9 years old in 2017, and that’s higher than 2007’s retirement age of 67.1 years.
    But this is a business like any other, and a dental practice may be bough and sold between private owners for a fair price. The current owner may be r