How Veneers Can Help You Get Your Smile Back

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    New dental techniques like veneers and lumineers make it easier to restore your brilliant smile. Over time, teeth get chipped, cracked and stained, making people embarrassed to smile. That’s a great pity, because there’s nothing more appealing than a genuine smile. With a little help from your local dentist, you can recover your smile and self confidence.

    Neglecting dental hygiene has a visible impact
    For a number of reasons, people tend to slack off when it comes to dental care. In fact 10% of all adults admit that forget to brush their teeth. And 25% of adults surveyed report that they don’t brush their teeth twice a day. Among men, this proportion is even higher, with one out of three neglecting to brush their teeth twice a day.
    Neglect, age, injuries, and wear and t