How Veneers Can Help You Get Your Smile Back

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New dental techniques like veneers and lumineers make it easier to restore your brilliant smile. Over time, teeth get chipped, cracked and stained, making people embarrassed to smile. That’s a great pity, because there’s nothing more appealing than a genuine smile. With a little help from your local dentist, you can recover your smile and self confidence.

Neglecting dental hygiene has a visible impact
For a number of reasons, people tend to slack off when it comes to dental care. In fact 10% of all adults admit that forget to brush their teeth. And 25% of adults surveyed report that they don’t brush their teeth twice a day. Among men, this proportion is even higher, with one out of three neglecting to brush their teeth twice a day.
Neglect, age, injuries, and wear and tear all take their toll, and teeth get chipped, stained and discolored. Almost half of the population report that they are unhappy with the way their teeth look. The leading cause of dissatisfaction with the appearance of their teeth is discoloration.

New techniques to restore your smile
Dentistry has made great strides in recent years, and techniques like implants, veneers and lumineers can help restore teeth to their original sparkly whites, whatever their condition. Implants are a popular choice for replacing or repairing teeth that are chipped or broken.
At the present time 3 million people have already had implants fitted, and another 500,000 have dental implants ever year year. Crowns and bridge replacements for missing teeth have been used by as many as 15 million people in the U.S. For stained and discolored teeth, veneers and lumineers add a very thin layer over the tooth to improve its appearance.

Veneers: what to expect
Veneers are very thin layers of tooth colored porcelain. They are specially made for each individual tooth, and used to cover the front side of teeth that are broken or discolored. They create a natural look, and last for years.
When you decide to get a veneer, a cosmetic dentist makes a model of your tooth. The model is sent to the technician who makes the veneer to fit the tooth exactly. The dentist who does the fitting will remove a tiny amount of tooth enamel to make room for the veneer.

Veneers can last for up to fifteen years, and look like your natural teeth. They are even more stein-resistant than porcelain. They can be matched to your teeth and also to your face and personality. Veneers can help you get back your smile and your self-confidence.

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