An Overview of Common Procedures in Restorative Dentistry

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Lots of people get restorative dentistry procedures each year, and Americans spend a lot of money on various ways to improve their teeth. In 2010, about $108 billion was spent on dental care in the U.S. Dental procedures are expensive and require some planning, and one of the best ways to avoid having them is by taking care of your teeth from a young age. Regular dental care also keeps teeth white and bright, which is a big concern in America. About $1.4 billion is spent on teeth whitening products annually. If you’re wondering what restorative dentistry is and you want to learn more, keep reading to learn the basics of these procedures your general dentist can perform. The information was provided by WebMD.

    1. Fillings
    A filling is one of the simplest restorative dental procedures and is used to restore the function of a broken or damaged tooth. This can result from cavities or other dental trauma. Non-toxic metals like gold or silver are used to fill in imperfections in the tooth, and the end result should be a structure that functions much like a natural tooth. Patients who get fillings should be careful to avoid certain foods so the filling isn’t damaged.

    2. Crowns
    Crowns are used to cover up a tooth, and they are also known as “caps.” They fit over a tooth much like a baseball hat fits on a head, and they can be used to protect the tooth from further damage if there is a bridge or dental implant that needs to be held in place. Crowns are also one of the oldest and best dental cosmetic surgery procedures, because they can improve the appearance of an ugly or misshapen tooth.

    3. Bridges
    A bridge is a permanent solution to replace a missing tooth. These structures are anchored to other teeth and can provide an effective solution for missing teeth that were extracted or lost due to trauma. A bridge is made to mimic the natural teeth, and no two people will have the same bridges because everyone has unique teeth.

    4. Implants
    Implants are more involved than bridges and replace the missing roots of teeth. Three million Americans have implants, and this number goes up by 500,000 patients every year. The best dentist to provide dental implants will know if the procedure is right for you, so get a consultation before you commit to any dental work.

    5. Dentures
    Dentures are a permanent solution for missing teeth, and they are distinct because they are removable. Denture implants cost about the same as regular implants, and they can be a better option for some people depending on their dental history. It’s a good idea to get a complete picture of your dental health by talking to a trained dentist and discussing your dental needs. Modern dentistry is accessible to almost everyone in America, so don’t be afraid to ask any questions you might have about these procedures.

Do you have any tips on how to find dentists in your area? What’s the best way to find dentists who are experienced and have lots of satisfied patients? Do you have any preferences on how to best care for your teeth? If you have thoughts or advice on how to find dentists who are qualified to provide quality dental care, please let us know by leaving a comment below. Links like this.

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