The Top 10 Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

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Having a nice smile is an important factor in increasing your confidence, and with modern cosmetic dentistry procedures, a beautiful, renewed smile is available to everyone. It’s also painful to have decayed or rotten teeth and talking to a dentist about dental restoration can improve your quality of life. If you are wondering how much cosmetic dentistry veneers cost, you should call a dentist or do some research online to find out the specific price for your needs. A consultation with a professional can give you a good estimate of what the actual price will be. If you feel strongly about restoring the quality of your smile, you can be sure that cosmetic dentistry veneers costs are affordable and will definitely be worth the investment. If you’re new to the world of restorative dental work and don’t know where to begin, here’s an overview of some of the newest and best cosmetic dentistry procedures.

    1. Veneers
    This involves your dentist removing a layer of your teeth and taking an impression, then sending the mold to a lab where a custom fitting set of veneers will be made. About one in five people conceal their teeth in photos, and this is one of the best ways to get a perfect smile.

    2. Bonding
    This is used when someone has only a small chip in one or two teeth, and a whole set of veneers is not necessary. It’s a fast procedure and can improve the look of your smile.

    3. CEREC crowns
    The metal-free crowns can be created in one visit. A computer system allows your dentist to design a perfectly fitting crown for the patient’s mouth that is long lasting and effective.

    4. Lumineers
    This newer version of veneers allows dentists to overlay a beautiful new tooth structure over existing teeth, without having to remove as much of the natural tooth structure as traditional procedures.

    5. Teeth whitening
    Americans spend almost $1.5 billion on teeth whitening products each year, and this is a great option to make your smile whiter and brighter. Choose an in-office procedure or get custom take-home whitening trays.

    6. Dental bridges
    A bridge is used when there is a gap between several teeth, and can improve symptoms like jaw pain or headaches caused by unnatural teeth formations.

    7. Gum contouring
    Too much gum tissue or gums that have an uneven line can make even the best smile look worse, and this procedure evens out the gum line to make smiles look better.

    8. Dental implants
    Three million Americans have implants and about half a million people get them each year. The procedure has been done for decades and involves replacing the roots of rotten or decayed teeth.

    9. Traditional crowns
    Crowns cover the entire tooth to protect some teeth that are prone to cavities. Traditional crowns take a few visits to complete because a mold of your tooth is sent to the lab.

    10. Dentures
    An alternative to implants, these tooth replacements can cover all or part of your teeth and are removeable.

Have you recently had a procedure from a tooth whitening dentist or cosmetic dentistry professional, and do you have any tips on how to find the best dentist? Was the procedure expensive for you or were you able to find an affordable dentist who worked within your budget constraints? How much did cosmetic dentistry veneers cost in your case? Find out more here.

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