Challenges of Oral Hygiene


The enamel on your teeth is the hardest substance in your entire body. But it still needs proper care. Since enamel is so strong, any damage to it generally happens at an incredibly slow pace. This can make it hard to notice as it’s happening, and may be one of the reasons why over 90% of people ages 20-64 have at least one cavity in their permanent teeth.

The truth is, Americans are more likely to adjust their oral hygiene habits than they are to adjust their eating habits. As such, the oral health industry is constantly coming up with ways to make oral care easier, from sturdier dental care products to more convenient flossing options. The importance of early dental awareness is also a driving factor, as many products are geared towards instilling good dental habits in younger children.

But some situations or circumstances require a specialized approach. Braces, for example, may present a challenge to someone who otherwise has no problem taking care of their teeth. Suddenly, after their braces are attached, they are unable to eat certain foods (sticky foods, hard candies, etc.) that may get caught between and behind the wires. And their braces cleaning ritual adds extra time to a morning routine they’ve spent a lifetime streamlining and refining.

And the challenge of braces isn’t limited to restricting food types. Even “allowed” foods can become a problem if a proper and thorough system of braces cleaning isn’t established. This new process may require new tools, specifically designed to dislodge and brush away food from the additional nooks and crannies that braces create. Because unfortunately, traditional metal braces make flossing virtually impossible.

As more and more braces alternatives flood the market, some problems will be solved, while other challenges may arise, challenges that no one would have dreamed of. But the pursuit of a healthy mouth is worth the effort, and lifetime of bright, white smiles and strong, efficient teeth is the reward. Refernce materials.

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