How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help Restore Your Smile

Are you always hiding in the background of group pictures, afraid to smile and self-conscious about the way you look?

If you are, you’re not alone. More than 30% of people smile more than 20 times per day, while less than 14% of people smile less than five times per day, according to Forbes. But it’s also been found that at least 20% of adults suffer from anxiety due to the condition of their mouth and teeth.

Bottom line: smiles are important. Smiles can light up a room and give a person all the confidence in world. A great smile can make people take notice. Smiles don’t fade with age and a great smile can do a lot to help a person in his or her career pursuits, especially in jobs where television is involved.

If you are the kind of person who tries just about everything to hide their smile, you might want to try cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentists these days are able to do many things to restore a person’s smile and get them feel more confident in the way they look. Some procedures done by cosmetic dentists include:

  • Cosmetic teeth whitening, also known as teeth bleaching
  • Cosmetic dental veneers
  • Cosmetic dental implants
  • Cosmetic dental crowns
  • Cosmetic teeth shaping
  • Cosmetic tooth bonding
  • Cosmetic orthodontic treatment

Not only are their many cosmetic dental procedures available, but they have a great many benefits for folks looking for fuller, more natural and better smiles:

  • Stronger teeth: If you find yourself dealing with sensitive teeth or cavities more often than you’d like, cosmetic dentists can restore your smile and help you have less tooth pain that you’ve likely been suffering from. After cosmetic procedures, your teeth will be stronger and less sensitive.
  • Correcting flaws: If you’ve been hiding your smile due to cracked teeth, a tooth gap, stained teeth or chipped teeth, cosmetic dentists more than likely have a solution for you. They can help you to correct aesthetic flaws and can offer a variety of treatments and solutions. Procedures like bonding or whitening can completely transform your smile and erase any imperfections.
  • A more youthful look: Even if you think you have a good smile, there’s always work to be done to done. Even if you do a lot to maintain your teeth, you always have to be wary of your enamel. Believe it or not, when enamel erodes it can severely affect facial structure, especially the cheeks and lips. When enamel erodes and facial structure is compromised, the face can sag and a person can look older than they are. Fortunately, cosmetic dentists can help you to keep your facial structure intact.
  • Preventative measures: The entire purpose of cosmetic dentistry is to protect and repair teeth to restore smiles. But it takes some work even after a procedure to keep smiles intact. Procedures like repairing cavities or restoring chipped or cracked teeth or covering exposed tooth roots or straightening teeth can help prevent further problems down the road.
  • More confidence: There’s no doubt that a great smile can do wonders for giving a person confidence. Feeling self-conscious about a smile can have a lot of negative effects, depending on the person to the point where a person may feel disengaged from work or social activities. With a great, new smile people can be happier and more engaged.
  • Affordability: One of the great things about having work done by cosmetic dentists is that today’s technology has not only made a lot of cosmetic procedures safe, but also very affordable. Having a great smile doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg and your insurance company may even pick up part of the tab. If not, many dentist offices can get you on affordable payment plans.

If it’s been a long time since you’ve seen your former smile, don’t hesitate to visit a cosmetic dentist for a consultation. During your visit, a cosmetic dentist can access the condition of your teeth and discuss what options might be best to restore your smile to its former glory. Getting your smile back doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. You can have a great smile while also improving your oral health.

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