How Dental Implants Have Revolutionized the Cosmetic Dental Industry


UPDATED 3/5/21

Because there are so many solutions for dental implants, people with all sorts of problems can find the solutions they need to look and feel better. For instance, mini dental implants are extremely valuable for endentulous patients that have loose lower dentures and want an easy solution to secure them in place.About 100 years ago, when people had missing teeth, there were little, if any solutions. Today, there are a litany of kinds of dental implants, including computer guided dental implants and dental mini implants. Importantly, dental implants are the best possible solution for missing teeth because they are rooted with titanium and generally last a lifetime with the proper care.

Odontophobia, or fear of the dentist, is classified as a phobia in the Diagnostical and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV). People suffering from odontophobia can find sedation dentists who can perform dental implant surgery on patients while they are out, which means they can get all new tooth replacements without having to suffer through anxiety or pain.

Bayside dental bleachingWhen you have lost a tooth, there are a number of ways to replace that tooth. There are tooth implants as well as things like bridges and partials. Dentists often recommend all teeth implants because they are sturdy and permanent. Are bone grafts necessary for dental implants? In most cases, yes. The bone graft can be done at the same time as the tooth is pulled to make it easier later to get an implant. Often, bone mass deteriorates over time, and the bone graft is a way of shoring up the bone and making it a more stable place to put an implant.

Are dental implants the same as dentures? No. Implants are permanent fixtures that are attached to the bone. Dentures are removed each night and can be either worn or not worn, depending on the time of day and your activity level. Getting an artificial tooth implant is a very different way to replace a tooth. It will stay there for the rest of your life and will never need to be taken out or replaced. It is a sturdy, durable replacement for a tooth that has been lost that looks as good as your old tooth.

At the end of the day, dental implants have a success rate of up to 98 percent, and can last a lifetime with proper care. There are few better solutions for missing teeth than dental implants, and unsurprisingly things like computer guided dental implants are among the most popular cosmetic dental solutions. Find more:


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