How to Find a Top Rated Dentist

When trying to find a great dentist in your location, the options can be overwhelming and confusing. Here are a few things to consider and ask before deciding on the best dentist for you and your loved ones.

Dental Insurance Network


This is crucial for people holding a dental insurance cover for preventative dental care. These covers don’t work similarly to health insurance. One must understand how to get data on the best dental practice that aligns with their specific cover.

The best point to start from is a healthcare provider’s list of participating local dentists. This information will be available through the HR department at your workplace or your insurer’s website.

Some people are satisfied with their old doctor but are not listed in their network. The best choice would be to keep going to their preferred dentist. After some research on how to find a top rated dentist, you will see that the plus side of dental fees is that they are not standardized, unlike medical fees.

In-network providers must sign a contract agreeing to be paid less in exchange for being included. It’s never a big fee, and many providers consider it beneficial. Out-of-network dental care providers can charge as they see fit.

ADA Membership

There are many recommendations suggesting that you should see dentists who are registered with the American Dental Association. While they are highly rated, there are other certified professionals.

You could consider dentists aligned with the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, American Academy for Oral Systematic Health, and Academy of General Dentistry, among others. As your search on how to find a top rated dentist progresses, you will come across other bodies of regulation.

However, it is important to note that these academies submit members to follow a set code of conduct and treatment standards. Members must keep up with the organization’s education as I evolve. They do not run or regulate the dentist’s approach to dentistry.

Functional Dentistry

A functional dentist works to solve the tooth issues at their origin. Dental health is linked to a person’s overall health, so these dentists provide comprehensive treatment. These professionals go a step further from the primary care doctor. After your regular check up, filling, extraction or cleaning, they will advise on how best to take care of your oral health.

Expect a recommendation on your diet moving forward and reduce sugar intake. Be sure to learn more about your region’s availability of functional doctors as you discover how to find a top rated dentist.

If your insurance coverage does not cover the services of a functional dentist, find another with matching values. Some dentists are not classified under these titles. To find them, you must ask other dentists or healthcare providers to give a recommendation.

Luckily, it is easy to locate a functional dentist in this digital marketing era. There are databases available online listing hundreds of functional health practitioners. Some are the Holistic Dentistry, Mercury-Safe Dentist Directory, and Functional Dentist Locator, among others.

The Type of Dental Work

Only you know what you need regular help with. Identify your frequent dental needs and use this as a criterion on how to find a top rated dentist. If you are prone to regular checks and cleaning, look for an environment that is both friendly and approachable. Find an institution that you are comfortable with.

For patients struggling with teeth grinding, sleep apnea, or habits, their best choice lies with a sleep dentistry organization. When trying to get how to find a top rated dentist the same is true for people after aesthetic dental care. Get a well-reviewed and reputable dentist for cosmetic work.

If you are searching how to find a top rated dentist for children’s dental care, you could choose to settle on a pediatric or a family dentist. Pediatricians are trained the same way as dentists, so they have all the knowledge required to handle your little one’s teeth problems.

To get the best care for your child, tag them when looking for the dentistry office. Their first reactions will help you make the best decision for them. People who need regular dental procedures such as cavities or implants can go to a dentist with a special interest in root canals. Alternatively, they may seek out the recommendation of a local endodontist.

When attacked by toothaches and pain, you require a quick assessment as soon as the next day. Because this would not be possible without insurance cover. The best recommendation is to find a pain clinic. There you will find dental students who can help you.

Dental Specialists

Getting help with a specific concern is easier with dental insurance. Unlike medical insurance, which requests a referral before being covered, dental insurance doesn’t. Some other professionals you can trust for oral and dental needs are explained here.

Mis-aligned teeth are treated specifically by orthodontists. Periodontists handle issues with gum disease. To replace broken or missing teeth, find a prosthodontist. If you need a root canal performed plus teeth whitening, a combined effort by the endodontist and dentist will be required. Lastly, oral surgeons take care of dental surgeries, cleft lip, jaw correction, or tooth extractions.

How to Narrow Down your Ideal Dentist

After carefully considering the factors discussed, you can move on to the next step, narrowing down your ideal dentist. Here is how to go about it.

Ask Trusted People

Consult your friends and family for recommendations on medical doctors. Their reviews should count for something, and you should look into it. Other trusted sources of information would be your physician or pharmacist. Due to their vast connections and networks in the medical field, feedback about dentists is readily available, and their recommendation is valuable, too.

Go further into the dentists’ history by asking about their working experience. A great dentist will be pleased to tell you about their years of experience and the dental school they graduated from. If they are part of an association or society, find their categorization and get some data from those websites.

Search Online Databases

As previously shared, get onto an online search portal and learn about various dental societies and their practices. Marketing for dentists follow trends in the industry and use SEO services to make themselves more discoverable. A quick search on how to find a top rated dentist should provide you with alternatives in your location.

Contact details are available on-site as well. Making it easier to call ahead for consultations or appointments with doctors out of your location. Be an avid reader of patient recommendations and reviews online because they will help answer any questions you might have. Some sites, such as ZocDoc, are filled with information about medical and dental offices.

While online, catch a glimpse of some select dentistry websites. A well-designed website with information about the offices, staff, services, or values can positively indicate trustworthy dental care.

Ask Questions

At your first appointment or on a consultation call, find out a few key details. Doing so will help you wrap up your search on how to find a top rated dentist.

A great question is, do they offer nutritional counseling? Traditional dentists may talk to you about diet but focus more on controlling sugar intake and acidity levels.

A functional dentist, on the other hand, is in a better position to talk with you about lifestyle changes and give you nutritional tips. They emphasize holistic healing, which will provide the benefit of healthier gums, fewer cavities, and strong teeth.

Ask your doctor or dentist to explain their primary goals in their profession. To know you have the best dentist for you, their answer should be leaning towards doing less for more. The dentist endeavors to work non-invasively and thoroughly to prevent future problems. Of course, this approach saves you time and money, which you should look for.

Find out the full payment details. When searching for a top-rated dentist, you must be aware of the cost implications of any procedure. Before you undergo treatment or surgery, be keen and confident in asking about the specific costs involved.

Be forthcoming with data by presenting your new dental insurance plan. Ask the dental office if they can accept insurance, pay for part of the cost then have the rest written off. This method is cost-effective, but it will be impossible if you require dental work later because you have eaten up the cap on your dental insurance.

Another key is to ask for in-network service fee schedules. This is a list to regulate every dental billing code and insurance company’s profits. With this arrangement, you will continue to pay the same rates you did at your old doctor’s office, and you can make the switch to an in-network provider.

Dentistry file insurance claims on your behalf, so being on the same page is essential. Many offices are empathetic to their patients’ concerns and will take the time to walk you through the entire payment process. Whether by email, fax, or at a face-to-face meeting, you can get access to a list of in-network and out-network service fees.

Another crucial piece of information that is good to have is the knowledge about in-house procedures versus those that need to be referred out. It makes sense to understand which services are readily available in dentistry.

Go further into the dentists’ history by asking about their working experience. A great dentist will be pleased to tell you about their years of experience and the dental school they graduated from. If they are part of an association or society, find their categorization and get some data from those websites.

However, keep in mind that there are new dentists in the market now and again. While their experience cannot be compared to the older guys, they are bound to have valuable techniques on the verge of dental science.

Emergencies can happen at any time. Learn about the dental office’s working hours on weekdays and weekends. They should have set emergency hours or a dedicated helpline, and this is essential.

What to Avoid

As you conduct your research on how to find a top rated dentist, consider some red flags that you might come across. For starters, if the staff you find are rude or impatient, you know that clinic would not be fit for you.

Limited treatment options are also something to be wary of. Many dental cases can be fixed through a variety of treatments. If your dentist is rigid and will not accommodate your preferences, it’s time to move on.

If you find there are recommendations for different extensive procedures like a combination of root canals, whitening, or fillings, be wary and ask questions.

Although a bit far-fetched for some, some people struggle to get good dental and healthcare overall due to communication barriers. If you just moved to a new city and you are not familiar with their first language, it could help to have a translator close by who could help foreign patients and local doctors understand each other better.

A better alternative to requiring a translator at the dentistry would be to have an experienced friend or family with you to help smoothen the process. They can be excellent sources of comfort, especially if you are anxious about your procedure.

In Conclusion

To get the best dental care, you must determine your needs, insurance cover, and budget. Research is mandatory and should be backed up by a call or visit for verification and confirmation. Make a list of concerns and ask these questions until you get your answers. Good dentists and their staff should be happy to accommodate your inquiries and advise you on the best way forward for your particular situation.

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