Judging a Book by Its Cover Exploring All the Benefits of Having a Beautiful Smile

Outstanding dentistry

A lot has changed since human beings made their debut on planet Earth some 3 million years ago. Like, a lot. Gone are the days when human life expectancy was only about 20 years due to harsh environmental conditions. You may feel that being caught up in the rat race is hard to deal with, but just imagine how hard ancient man had it! Early man had a lot going against them, such as natural forces and disaster, large animals of prey, sickness and disease, and of course, competition from neighboring tribes, villages, and even predators!

But one thing that hasn’t changed and never will is that human beings are extremely visual creators. They had to be! How else were they to hunt, gather, and find the best means of survival? Similarly, visual cues were also used to select a health mate for reproducing. Think about it. That’s all attraction is in its essence; visual cues that help a species — such as humans — determine the best possible match that will allow them to reproduce and carry on their genetic line.

So what do humans find “attractive”? Well, anything that indicates good health, vibrancy, and virility! That can include a muscular or athletic build, a clear, smooth complexion, symmetrical features, shiny hair, full lips, and don’t forget about a beautiful smile! A beautiful smile is one of the greatest indicators of good health. Its attractiveness that spans all time and space with nearly everyone agreeing that a beautiful smile is well…beautiful.

Although quality dental care wasn’t didn’t exist during the times of early man, it plays an important role in today’s beautiful and healthy smiles. The key to having and maintaining a beautiful smile (both back then and today) is good oral health. The only and best way to have good oral health is through outstanding dentistry.

Dental health can be a great indicator of your body’s overall physical condition and health. Signs of many chronic illnesses can manifest early inside your mouth, with symptoms such as diseased gums, dry mouth, and bad breath or thrush being good indicators that something may be wrong. Early man understood this concept all too well, even though it was most likely on subconscious level. That’s exactly why modern humans are still attracted to beautiful smiles!

Here are just some of the benefits of having a healthy, beautiful, and radiant smile!

Reduce stress

Everyone has heard or been told at one point that they should fake it until they make it, and although you may have not wanted to hear it at the time, it’s actually true! Smiling, even when you’re not happy, can literally improve your mood, reduce stress, and increase your feelings of gratitude and positivity. So smile on Debbie Downers, smile on!

Live a longer life

With less stress and increased sense of appreciation, you can actually live longer. As mentioned before, smiling (even when you’re not happy), can help you live a longer life by reducing stress. Stress can manifest in your physical body in many ways including contributing to chronic illness, inflammation, and weight gain or loss. You can keep thes and other symptoms at bay by smiling!

It can lead to career success

A great smile isn’t just good for attracting a mate, it’s also good for landing that dream job you’ve always wanted. A healthy smile exudes confidence, capability, and enthusiasm; those are three traits that every employer wants their employees to have! It also helps you to make a good first impression. Everyone knows someone whose smile literally likes up the room. Well, you can be that person!

It can improve your social circle

People like attractive people, and the best way to become and feel attractive is to have a megawatt smile. Personality means a lot, but unfortunately — or fortunately depending on who you talk to — people definitely judge you by your “cover” exactly like they would a book or a magazine. Just by having a healthy looking smile, you can attract the right kinds of people to you. People will be drawn to your glow!

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