Learn How to Properly Care for Your Teeth with the Help of a Birmingham Dentist

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Usually people relate a dentist to pulling teeth. However, a dentist has many other tasks besides extractions. A dentist’s first concern is teaching patients the methods of proper tooth care to avoid tooth decay, gum disease and other problems of the mouth. The second concern a birmingham dentist has is to diagnose and treat defective teeth and gums. Some dentists also perform cosmetic surgery and insert dental implants.

Preventing tooth and gum disease can help a patient keep their normal teeth for most of their lives if not for their entire life. Besides teaching patients about the importance of flossing and brushing, a birmingham dentist discusses the importance of eating a healthy diet and the use of fluorides. A first visit to a birmingham dentist usually involves a visual examination and xrays to determine the health of one’s teeth and gums. If the dentist discovers decayed teeth, he will discuss the options of repairing the tooth or pulling the tooth. It may require removing the decay and filling the cavity, or it may require a tooth extraction.

During the initial examination, a birmingham dentist may find broken teeth, gaps between teeth or teeth that need straightening. Cosmetic dentistry may be required to correct broken teeth, fill in gaps or other procedures to improve the stability of the teeth and gums, and to improve your smile. If the birmingham dentist needs to pull any teeth, he may suggest bridges, dentures or implants. If the patient selects to have dentures, the dentist makes a mold to make sure the dentures fit correctly in the patient’s mouth. Gum disease may require additional care from a dentist trained in this field. Not all dentists perform surgery, so the local dentist may recommend an appointment with a dental surgeon.

Whichever type of dental care you need, you can find a birmingham dentist that has the skills and experience needed to correct the problem. Many dentists perform general dentistry. When particular treatment is required the dentist often refers the patient to a dentist with specific training in the field required. Some dentists with specialized skills include orthodontists, periodontists, pediatric dentists, and prosthodontists. Visiting a birmingham dentist is the best way to learn how to take care of your teeth.

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