What Can a Cosmetic Dentist Do for Me?

Cosmetic dentist

Most Americans (over 75%, in fact) feel that an unattractive smile can actually hurt their chances of professional success. Survey respondents said that a person’s smile is the first thing they notice, even before weight, hairline, and eyes. Add to that the documented health benefits of a well-aligned smile, and you begin to see the important task facing the top cosmetic dentists in this country.

Social Impact. Cosmetic dentistry isn’t just about straightening your smile — it’s about making sure your smile looks the way you want it to. If there’s any aspect of your teeth that makes you self-conscious, then you’ll be naturally less inclined to smile, and that can give people the wrong impression. The top cosmetic dentists know that their job is about more than just fixing problem A with solution B. It’s about listening to you, and understanding your needs.

Career Success. Similarly, a reluctance to smile can not only affect your hopes for career advancement, but also which careers you feel comfortable trying in the first place. Any job involving public exposure (stage actor, television personality, politician, face-to-face sales, etc.) depends on your smile, and how willing you are to show it to the world.

Physical Health. Every day, research uncovers more and more evidence that links the health of your mouth to the health of your body, and the physical arrangement of your teeth plays a large part in that. Well-aligned teeth are easier to keep clean, and good oral health has been linked to healthy blood sugar levels in diabetic patients. Straight teeth can help to start the digestive process off on the right foot, as well as ease any undue tension on the jaw muscles, which can make TMJ disorder a far less-likely occurrence.

Cosmetic dentistry is a step beyond professional dental cleaning and dental exams. Americans rely on the top cosmetic dentists to adjust, sculpt, and ultimately perfect their smiles, so that they, the patients, can be successful, healthy, and happy. Because no one should ever be afraid to smile. Continue your research here.

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